Rally in the Valley

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Players must have the following for eligibility:

  1. 10 career matches
  2. 6 matches within qualifying dates (see registration forms for dates)
  3. Must be on active on a roster
  4. Teams must be active for 2 sessions


Grab some friends and build a team. For this event TAP members get to handpick their team. Members who may not be able to shoot together weekly can get together for this event and renew friendships. It’s just not about pool when it comes to TAP. The concept of this event was driven from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics basketball gold medal winners.

FORMAT OF PLAY (For team & single events):

TAP knows that our members come to play, and we deliver. With our round-robin format we guarantee our members (4) rounds of play in our Dream Team event. Teams or pool players are divided into groups of (4) and will compete against everyone in that group. Afterwards, depending upon your points won, you are placed on (1) of (2) single elimination boards and continue play until there is a winner. Our Single events are double elimination  for all handicapped brackets.

Event Schedule

8-Ball Dream Team

9-Ball Dream Team

Ladies 8-Ball Dream Team

8-Ball Singles

10-Ball Singles

8-Ball Scotch Doubles


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