No Handicaps – Race To 5

TAP-X is a product that is new to create a semi pro/ extreme level status. In Pool Net, we do have behind the scenes to see handicaps higher than 7’s. This will help us compete in this market, that other leagues have struggled with in fair accurate caps. The type of player for this product WANTS to be higher cap.

Because it is 7’s or higher, seeking out players all operators will need to do at open, A Level Tournaments, that currently may be to good to play currently in our amateur leagues.

So, if you’re a player who doesn’t play weekly, but  love tournaments…..This Product is Perfect for you!

Down the road hopefully, we will be able to do team events….but we each need to grow this locally by building a TAP-X Division of singles and adding them to that division, getting their information, creating a Facebook group, inputting their email addresses so we can email them as we have tournaments nationally and locally and inviting them.

First Upcoming Event

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